Sport, music and culture

Offerings for adults and children

In Graubünden, we love being active in a number of different ways. So it’s no wonder that our canton has an unbelievable array of associations, clubs, events and sports activities. Unfortunately, we can’t list every curling club and flag throwing association here – but for an overview of all leisure activities, it will do.

The ability to enjoy nature from an early age

Being active is everything for children in Graubünden. With GKB Sportkids, they can learn a variety of sports as early as age five. Maybe this will help one of your children realise they have a passion for a particular sport – we’re always on the lookout for the next Olympic star. Local role models like Andri Ragettli and Aita Gasparin provide children with further inspiration.


In Graubünden, we’re rather taciturn and modest. But there’s one topic that sets us raving: outdoor sports. Graubünden is a Mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and we even offer some sports that can hardly be found anywhere else. graubünden Sport, for example, has more pump tracks in one place that any other location in the world. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, bring your bike to our tracks and pump it up – free of charge!


Don’t worry if outdoor sports aren’t your thing. We have a broad range of team sport clubs and martial arts associations throughout the entire canton.

Culture, theatre and music for every taste

Sport isn’t the only thing we’re enthusiastic about in Graubünden. Everyone, young and old alike, is involved in cultural activities. The Junges Theater Graubünden, founded by Roman Weishaupt, the director of the Theater Chur, allows young thespians to show off their skills at annual performances. Weishaupt explains his mission: “We want to offer theatre performances with a high-level artistic and substantive vision under the leadership of professional and experienced theatre professionals.”


Those with less ambitious goals can enter the spotlight as well: with 66 theatre groups and 124 choirs, there is a group for everyone where they can show their talent and make new friends.


Concert fans can enjoy festivals and open-air events, including Open Air Lumnezia and classical events like the Origen Festival Cultural and the Engadin Festival.

GRhome, the leisure platform for locals and weekenders

As a future resident of Graubünden, clubs and associations aren’t the only way to find out what’s going on. The canton’s GRhome website and app helps you discover events, culinary experiences, insider tips like hidden bike trails and much more. You’ll learn about new events and activities, get to know other people and have access to exclusive (holiday) offerings and discount tickets in the entire canton.

Family and childcare

Why kids and teens love being here

“It takes a village to raise a child.” While the local baker and hoteliers in Graubünden will not, as this old saying implies, literally take care of your children for you, there are a wide range of crèches, childcare offerings and projects for young people.

Working in Graubünden
We’re shaping the future

Graubünden has a huge range of employers, from traditional companies to SMEs and modern corporations. In this connection, we would like to refute the stereotype of Graubünden as a sleepy mountain canton and show – with a bit of pride – the various future-oriented projects that are being carried out in Graubünden. Here, you’ll find people working on world-renowned technical equipment, innovative machine tools and even robots.


Thanks to the regional Graubünden online job postings, you’ll never miss a promising opportunity on the Graubünden job market. Have a look – you may find your dream job in Graubünden.