Totally local graubündenVIVA – enjoy!
Culinary enjoyment and region

graubündenVIVA stands for the best that Graubünden has to offer in the areas of enjoyment, culinary delights and regionality. graubündenVIVA aims to strengthen Graubünden as a place brand through the themes of food and culinary delights and to promote the region as a stronghold of alpine gourmet culture.

Regional products for the whole world

A design furniture made of real Graubünden wood, a store with 100% regional products or old traditions that are rethought: graubündenVIVA puts the local in the center. Existing events and new platforms that attract the public and promote sales are bundled and presented under the graubünden brand umbrella.

Totally local

Projects from the region


High quality, simple and functional furniture

In cooperation with graubündenHOLZ and the Chur design and craft studio OKRO, graubündenVIVA has developed a line of furniture made from genuine Graubünden wood.

These exclusive and truly regional design pieces are now also available to purchase.

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Where graubündenVIVA is on it, Graubünden is in it

graubündenVIVA gourmet markets are places for an emotional experience. Typical, traditional, high-quality products from the canton of Graubünden - a feast for the palate. Maximum regionality is the goal of all products branded graubündenVIVA, both in the food, non-food area, as well as in all other measures, such as infrastructure or furniture. Ensuring the regional origin of raw materials as well as short processing routes, up to the regional flow of goods, are a central part of the graubündenVIVA philosophy.


In addition to the graubündenVIVA brand assortment, a regional assortment from producers in the local area is also offered. All products in the culinary stores are certified. This guarantees regionality in terms of the product's origin, cultivation, processing. At the same time, a strong relationship with the producers, processors and suppliers is established. This results in a unique certified quality for the genuine taste of Graubünden.

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The new proximity to the product

More and more consumers not only want to "consume" their food, but also to "experience" it. Producers are responding to the growing interest in experiencing production and quality through the senses with new offerings that enable encounters. For producers, this opens up the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of craftsmanship, to vividly convey the quality of their products, and thus to build a new relationship of trust.


At the same time, it takes courage to move forward, to change things and to try things out. The producers provide insights into their productions and share their success stories.

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Living in Graubünden
At home in Graubünden

Along with attractive and innovative jobs in Switzerland’s largest canton, you can also find a home. Attractive living situations, diverse educational opportunities and a wide range of leisure time activities with associations, clubs and cultural offerings are awaiting you and your family. And all that naturally in the midst of regenerating nature.


Life in Graubünden is defined by contrasts: nature coalesces with innovation, community with individualism, and culture with lifestyle – a mixture that lets each individual and the community flourish. Find out what makes the canton an ideal place to live.


Further information about living in Graubünden.