Clinica Holistica Engiadina

Special places need special people
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Clinica Holistica Engiadina – a specialist burnout clinic located in a beautiful, unspoiled mountain landscape in Susch in the Lower Engadine valley. The services offered by the clinic focus on the holistic treatment of stress-related illness.

As its name suggests, the clinic specialises in an integrated, ‘holistic’ approach to treating the mind and body. Here in the special light of the Engadine valley, the tranquillity and distance from the stressful situation, as well as connection with the stunning natural environment are all healing elements for recovery.


Our key to success is a combination of different specialised treatment methods that are tailored to our patients’ specific issues and goals.


Our interdisciplinary team of around 100 employees and therapists offers holistic treatments for patients suffering from burnout, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic illness and stress disorders. The clinic’s comprehensive range of psychotherapy methods and evidence-based complementary medicine, delivered in the restorative mountain landscape of the Engadine valley, make for a unique treatment experience.

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