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The “House of Voice” in Chur
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Speed U Up is a pioneer in the digitalisation of the tourism sector and a trailblazer in digital experience services. Speed U Up is the fastest-growing marketing technology company in the Alpine tourism segment, with around 90 employees in Chur, Innsbruck and Starnberg. Its portfolio includes over 75 big-name clients in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol.

Speed U Up specialises in consulting, media and creative services, and technology centred around AI-based speech recognition and voice applications, data-driven digital communication and profile-based media strategies. As a pioneer in speech recognition and voice applications, its mission is to work with clients to achieve top results in the tourism sector and beyond. The company’s maxim: “We don’t just want to promise the best, but also and above all deliver the best. We want to create ‘eureka’ experiences that leave people thirsting for more.”

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