Having the courage. To shape the future.

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The automotive pioneer Henry Ford once said: “He who always does what he already can do, will always remain what he already is.”

This sentence would be ideally suited to the walls of the villa in Chur where Speed U Up is located. As a pioneer in the field of digital experience services, the company brings tourism and digitisation together. And proves with every new project that courage is the most important ingredient for progress as well as innovation.

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Something is astir at our company, we are making a difference

“A performance-based model best describes how we collaborate,” says Ueli, Client Service Director at Speed U Up. “It’s about the result. It has to be right. How it is achieved is in the hands of our employees.” The digital agency’s mission is to help shape the future and, more importantly, to be ahead of the times; rigid structures would really be incongruous. Besides creativity, courage is needed. Courage to develop oneself, but also the digital tools of the future. And courage in dealing with and on the part of the customer. That is why Speed U Up employees see themselves less as consultants and more as scouts. Ueli explains: “We certainly advise our clients, but more often we provide them with guidance on how to use the digital tools for their own benefit and in a way that matches their goals. And, ideally, we arouse in them a spirit of adventure and a willingness to try out new things.”


Our interest is in the digital world, but people are our main concern

Reconciling family and career is a priority for many companies. But Speed U Up lives and breathes family-friendliness. The possibility of having a part-time mum in the role of managing director is therefore not a question of “if”, but of “how”. Together, we look at how this can be organised. Moreover, flexible working hours are in place and can be adjusted spontaneously – and independently. You won’t find any time clocks at the digital agency. If the 100 per cent job can be done in 30 hours, that’s great. The important thing is to deliver on time and feel responsible for your task. “My first question during an interview is therefore also: ‘Why are you here?’”, explains Ueli. “I’m not hiring professional profiles, I’m hiring people. And I need to be able to rely on them. I have to know that they can act independently.”


Not everyone works from one place, but we always work together

From Graubünden, Speed U Up works for and with the whole world – with a focus on the tourism sector. “Thanks to digital tools, I can be at home with my family in Germany and still be an integral part of the innovative and creative team of Speed U Up in Chur”, says communications strategist Steffi. “In this way, I’ve found the ideal balance between life and work.” However, many other employees feel at home at the headquarters in Graubünden, where life and work can also be perfectly combined. After all, where else in Switzerland are leisure activities as beautiful and diverse as well as service-oriented as here? And that, of course, also inspires the implemented projects: A virtual concierge in the hotel, voice assistants in the suite or a city tour supported by augmented reality glasses – the portfolio now includes around 80 well-known customers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol.


For us, the focus is on the customer, so we are on the move a lot

The focus on tourism also means that employees travel and spend a few days working on site with clients. Rudi, Consultant at Speed U Up, adds: “The best projects are always co-developed with the customer. Direct inputs from our partners throughout the day, and then a bike ride in the mountains in the evening, ensures freedom of the mind and good ideas.” Being on the move and active is certainly something that should excite Speed U Up employees. At a holiday destination, nobody has to and shouldn’t sit at a desk all day long. The best ideas are the ones inspired by a view – in this case a view of the Grisons mountains. In summer, a hike before work, if so desired, is included in the employment contract. In winter, we also offer skiing after work. Finally, on this point, Ueli states: “Flexibility starts with being able to manage your time freely and also means being able to shape your own role.” The very name, Speed U Up, is a core expression of its mission.