Work in Graubünden Innovating in a modern environment
Shaping the future in Graubünden

Graubünden is not only a relaxing destination for holidays and leisure time. It is also an innovation hub: top-level research, development and production are pursued between the mountains. National and international companies offer exciting jobs in an inspiring environment.

Your next professional challenge is waiting right here

Are you ready for an exciting challenge in a new environment? Have the courage to take the first step and learn about the flourishing tech industry in the Alpine Rhine Valley or one of the medical institutions in Graubünden. It does not matter whether you have just graduated or are an experienced expert – the forward-looking companies in the canton are always interested in adventurers searching for the next professional challenge.


Working in the most modern environment

We don’t just speed down trails, bike paths or ski slopes. In the paradisical setting of our canton, we also tinker with world-famous technical equipment, innovative tool machines and futuristic robots. The companies create modern working environments with attractive benefits such as 4.5-day weeks or freely available electric cars so that innovative and ground-breaking ideas can flourish.


Can you already envision your first day at work in Graubünden? If you would like to discover even more about the diverse opportunities in our labour market, please check out the informative article on “Working in Graubünden”. We will show you the labour market opportunities in Graubünden and all the impressive production in Switzerland’s largest canton.



Living in Graubünden
At home in Graubünden

Along with attractive and innovative jobs in Switzerland’s largest canton, you can also find a home. Attractive living situations, diverse educational opportunities and a wide range of leisure time activities with associations, clubs and cultural offerings are awaiting you and your family. And all that naturally in the midst of regenerating nature.


Life in Graubünden is defined by contrasts: nature coalesces with innovation, community with individualism, and culture with lifestyle – a mixture that lets each individual and the community flourish. Find out what makes the canton an ideal place to live.


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