IT and energy: a really good combo

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Seven locations in two countries, 630 employees and a success story spanning over a hundred years – REPOWER represents energy

The company, based in Poschiavo, Graubünden, has been producing and selling sustainable electricity products since 1904. It also supports other supply companies with its future-focused services and provides its own electronic mobility concept. This is made possible, among other things, by the employees of the IT department. They are responsible for the functioning technology and are constantly developing new applications and products to make REPOWER successful in a sustainable manner.

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Our job profiles? Really exciting.

“I saw the ad and knew this was the job for me,” recalls Udo, Business Analyst at REPOWER AG. “An important industry, exciting tasks and even a workplace amidst the most beautiful mountains – it almost sounded too good to be true.” Born in the Transylvanian Saxons (Kronstadt, Romania), he has now been working in IT at REPOWER for 13 years and is still certain that it’s the ideal job for him, especially now that the whole world is talking about energy. “We are currently experiencing an exciting time and REPOWER is right in the thick of it. This creates challenges for us all, but also shows how important our work is,” says the IT expert.

The commute? Really steeped in nature.

Poschiavo, or Pusc’av as the locals call it, is around 12 kilometres from the Italian border in the south-eastern part of Graubünden. Therefore, REPOWER is also an attractive employer for cross-border commuters, especially for people like Udo, for whom sports and relaxation in the mountains are important. After all, you can enjoy nature simply and easily after work or at the weekend, right at your doorstep. “No after-work traffic jams, no overcrowded trams, no hectic rush across the city – you just get out the door and into nature,” says Udo. “Since I live right here in the valley, I cycle to work and only drive when the weather is really bad.”

The working environment? Really fuss-free.

Hydropower, wind power and thermal energy – natural resources secure the energy supply. Just as nature does its best to guarantee an energy-rich future for everyone, the company employees do the same. No matter what solution is sought, the work is done across various departments. In the IT division in particular, it’s important not to develop or operate run-of-the-mill solutions. The focus is always on getting precise answers and goal-optimised projects off the ground, which is only possible if everyone contributes their expertise. “Staying at a company for 13 years has a lot to do with the corporate culture and the people you work with,” says Udo. “This means we’re all committed to doing a good job together, but also to enjoying a drink by the lake while relaxing after work.”

The employee benefits? Really comprehensive.

The culture is great, as is the working environment. And the benefits? REPOWER is impressive in this category, too. Those responsible know that the company could never be so innovative, sustainable and successful without “human energy” – i.e. the potential and commitment of its employees. As a result, initiative is encouraged and performance is rewarded. For example, with a share in the company’s success. What’s more, flexible working models are just as standard as comprehensive insurance and pension benefits. Udo adds: “Personally, I particularly like the trust-based working hours. They allow me to plan my working day independently, and so I’m more effective, yet also more freed-up to coordinate my private life with my work day.” REPOWER l’é plen da energia!