Creating visible changes – as a team

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Founded in 1964, Brüniger has grown to become the largest engineering office for electrical systems in Graubünden over the past 60 years.

The projects they have implemented include national tunnel constructions as well as future-focused hydropower and wind power plants. Claudio Roffler, Managing Director of this long-established company, reveals how the experts at Brüniger master their daily tasks and why foresight is so important.

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Reliable energy supply for people in Brienz/Brienzauls

The Brienz slope is in motion and so is the Brüniger team. “We have been collaborating with the municipality of Albula/Alvra as well as with the electricity supply company responsible for the region for a long time now,” says Evri Kyriakidis, Head of the Energy Department. “Facing the long-standing landslide issue, our task has been to work with the community to adapt the infrastructure to the constantly evolving situation and to secure the power supply.” This included the construction of a substation as an “emergency access” as well as establishing electrical power supply at the construction site for the exploratory tunnel. Brüniger sees itself as a service provider, but also as a contact for the community on all questions relating to the reliable supply of energy.


Engineering with foresight

Brüniger’s agenda includes long-term, comprehensive and, above all, future-focused projects. The company is in charge, among other things, of the “electrotechnical renovation of Belchen Tunnel“ project, which is one of the most important structures on the north-south connection of the A2 motorway. The key advantage of this almost-60-year-old company is its independence, as it does not rely on suppliers or electricity companies. This means being able to respond in a flexible and agile manner to requirements and to work with neutrality, thereby providing the experts in the field of electrical engineering with numerous advantages and extensive experience.


Grow with and within the company

At Brüniger, employees can enjoy a stable environment and a place to further develop their skills. Evri Kyriakidis says: “I was allowed to take on my first projects as early as during my apprenticeship. The scope grew as responsibility increased – first as a clerk, then as a project manager and now as a team leader. I keenly remember projects such as working on the first wind power plant in Haldenstein and using the longest controlled borehole for the cable duct system between the Sommerau and Sand substations.” At Brüniger, everyone is welcome to contribute their ideas, even and ideally from their first day. Mario Salvator adds: “Through long-term projects, I can acquire detailed specialist knowledge over time and implement it in a practical manner. I benefit primarily from the experience of my colleagues, who have been with us for a long time. It’s lovely to see how happy they are to pass on their expertise.”


Embodying and experiencing appreciation

Flat hierarchies, clear responsibilities and transparent interactions with one another – at Brüniger, the “open door” isn’t just a concept on a policy document. Not only do highly diverse divisions work together on projects, employees also have the opportunity to change their roles within the company. We work together to identify where the strengths of the individual employees can best be applied. A workshop held with employees a few months ago provided a clear conclusion: the people at Brüniger feel seen and valued. Cooperative participation in everyday work is not just welcome but required. “Our team consists of inquisitive trainees and dab hands, who not only incorporate their knowledge into the projects, but also share it with one another through constant communication,” summarises Claudio Roffler about everyday work at Brüniger.

Whether work or leisure – Graubünden provides true quality of life

Particularly in the era of ever-growing energy groups and electrical companies, Brüniger, as an independent engineering office with the necessary neutrality and objectivity, can make far-sighted planning possible for the benefit of everyone involved – always with the aim of modernising the energy and transport infrastructure reliably and sustainably. “Graubünden is therefore an excellent fit as a stronghold of hydropower and thus one of the most relevant production sites for renewable energies as a company location,” concludes Claudio Roffler. “We are currently expanding various teams. The key thing is to find people who fit in with us and our company and who want to move to the most liveable canton in Switzerland. Here, we’ll gladly support you with the move when it comes to contacts and links.”