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A route network measuring almost 400 kilometres, around 100 stops and numerous engineering structures – it’s the Rhaetian Railway.

It includes the Albula and Bernina lines, which have belonged to the RhB UNESCO World Heritage since 2008. The employees of the transport company work closely together to ensure that everything runs smoothly and reliably every day – and continuing the success story of this traditional business takes many hands.

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We move Grisons – thanks to numerous people

Over 1,600 individuals are employed by the Rhaetian Railway in a wide range of fields. Production, rolling stock, sales, finance, infrastructure, the staff team and HR all work together to ensure that around 12 million passengers can travel through Grisons safely and comfortably while enjoying a view. “To keep things running so well, we’re always on the lookout for new employees,” says Ladina, Head of HR Consulting & Services. “We are currently looking for engineers – including electrical engineers and automation engineers – as well as IT specialists. And, of course, we welcome people of all genders.” In essence, motivated employees in a wide range of fields are needed in the fascinating world of the railways.


Full dedication to our customers

As a transport company, the Rhaetian Railway is organised in a decentralised manner. Employees can be found everywhere in Grisons as well as across cantonal and national borders. Solidarity with the RhB family is guaranteed regardless. In October 2022, the whole world discovered exactly what this type of cooperation can achieve. With 25 four-car Capricorn multiple units, the Rhaetian Railway ran from the Albula Tunnel in Preda to the world-famous Landwasser Viaduct toward Filisur, thereby setting the world record as the longest passenger train in the world.

We warmly welcome career changers

“Thanks to the Rhaetian Railway, I received the opportunity as a career changer to complete the challenging but achievable training as a train conductor,” says Franziska, who gladly attends to passengers travelling through the breathtaking routes of the Rhaetian Railway as an express train conductor. Lateral entry into a job is naturally not possible for all careers, as some roles require the corresponding professional training or studies. At the Rhaetian Railway, however, career changers can retrain as engine drivers, conductors and train traffic controllers at certain points in the year. Exciting careers with great prospects. Ursina is a train traffic controller who adds: “Many passengers don’t even know about all the work going on in the background and how we operate. However, I find it all very exciting and I enjoy the shift system which provides me with more spare time and thus greater freedom to enjoy my private life.”

We are connected to Grisons

A journey with the Rhaetian Railway means enjoying the view. After all, it criss-crosses the holiday landscape of Grisons. Fabio Peng has been revealing all there is to see on his Twitter account since 2012. Twitteraccount. The engine driver posts incredible images he has been able to take from the driver’s cab during his journeys. He also posts breathtaking drone videos. “With my job as an engine driver at the Rhaetian Railway, I’ve truly made my childhood dream come true,” he says. “I have been fascinated with the technology of electric and diesel locomotives since I was very young. I am, of course, also delighted about people’s great interest in my everyday work and the fascinating landscape through which we travel.”


A job at the Rhaetian Railway really isn’t just a job – many employees feel truly connected to the company. Many of them are enthusiastic train drivers. Thanks to the GA travelcard provided to employees of the Rhaetian Railway, they can use all public transport in Switzerland 365 days a year.