“My job as Local Head of Purchasing at Würth International is to support eight people.”

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Sascha is responsible for various Purchasing areas at Würth International AG.

In an interview, the 35-year-old tells how, as a former professional athlete and trained bricklayer, he was able to successfully switch his professional trajectory within just 5 years in the company. He describes how the Graubünden site supported his career.

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Sascha, you have been with Würth International for five years and have had an impressive career as a lateral entrant. How did that happen?

My passion was professional sport and as a goalkeeper I gave my all to ensure that the ball never landed behind the line. My job was to provide my team with this security. However, due to an injury, I had to seek new challenges, which I found at Würth International. A lovely fluke. I’ve always been interested in other cultures and in people, and what better place to combine these interests than through direct customer contact within an international group. In my role as Local Head of Purchasing at Würth International, my job is to support eight people and thereby enable them to give their best performance in the interests of the company.


Würth International offers further training in the USA and Asia as part of the trainee programme. How did you personally benefit from this period of time, and what did you take away from it?

Professional and personal further training, further development. The trainee programme is a fantastic opportunity which allowed me to get to know and love Shanghai. I like raclette and fondue, but Asian dishes remain the firm favourite to this day. One thing that left a lasting impression on me was how we in Switzerland take a lot for granted. Anyone who has ever been to Asia will realise that nothing is considered a matter of course. In a country with so many people, you have to go above and beyond as an expat and you’re always outnumbered. You need an openness here – to people, a different culture, personal interaction – which isn’t easy for many Swiss individuals. My time in Asia certainly contributed significantly to my becoming Local Head of Purchasing.


What are your main tasks as Local Head of Purchasing at Würth International? What fascinates you about your job?

For me, it’s always been important to take responsibility. As a goalkeeper, you can do a great job for 89 minutes but just one minute of inattention and your team will lose. I always want to give 100 percent in my performance, and Würth Interational offers the right environment for this. Throughout my life, I have learned how to deal with pressure. I want to make a difference and feel committed. We’re currently experiencing an era of challenges and change. Matters such as the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia conflict are causing uncertainty as well as delivery issues for us where material is concerned. However, at Würth International it’s all about moving forward – we work with a focus on solutions. That’s why this feels like the right place for me.

You left Thun for your job and moved to Chur. Was this a hard decision?

Not at all. It was definitely easier for me because I don’t have children and I was single, so I didn’t need to consult anyone. Graubünden gave me a warm welcome and a new hobby: cycling. The roads are wonderful here, and the mountain passes are amazing. Since we’re not just work colleagues at Würth International, but also enjoy spending time together outside of the office, I settled in pretty quickly. The only thing I would perhaps change is a little more culinary diversity when it comes to the choice of restaurants.


To conclude, please describe Graubünden in three words.

Truly incredible nature: I feel right at home, and it’s the perfect place for outdoor sports. Not exactly three words, but for me this description perfectly sums up Graubünden. It’s a wonderful canton that has a lot to offer for both your professional and private life.