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The Development department is an essential part of the Process Analytics Business Unit at Hamilton Bonaduz AG.

Together with her team, Anna is responsible for the final testing of new products. We spent a day shadowing the specialists in the Verification & Validation department.

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“Time for a mid-morning break, Chantal,” Qendrim taps his colleague on the shoulder. The Verification & Validation (V&V) expert looks up: “Oh, thank you. Totally lost track of time.” She quickly sets her screen to idle and follows her teammate. The mood during the mid-morning break is great, with plenty of laughter. Anna, the team leader, is right in the thick of it. At Hamilton Bonaduz AG, there’s an informal culture where everyone’s on first-name basis. “Collegiality is one of our most important corporate values,” says the native Austrian. “And that’s not just a word for us; it applies across hierarchies, not just in terms of being on first-name basis with everyone, but also when it comes to supporting each other.”

Successful development processes – Fionn believes that collaboration is the key

15 minutes later, everyone is back at the open-plan office. Anna’s team shares it with their colleagues in the Product Development department, which makes collaboration more effective. Fionn, who has been here since September 2022, says: “We ultimately ensure that all the requirements for the product are met and that it possesses all the necessary characteristics.” The development process itself is organised across different teams. In other words, the corresponding experts are called in depending on the project, and they are then jointly responsible for it. The quality requirements are very high, as the company specialises in solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Responsible for quality and safety – Anna, like everyone else, attaches great importance to this

The V&V team puts new products to the test. In addition to their work in the laboratory and the associated test runs, they draw up test plans, write evaluations, assess analyses and indicate any necessary modifications. Daily tasks are therefore based on the current status of the respective development project. What the role needs is independent organisation and determination. “It’s an exciting job,” says Anna. “Hamilton is a great employer. We have loads of freedom when it comes to structuring our tasks and roles. With the move to the Ems location, our workplaces will also become even more modern than they already are. Everything will be new, with more space, while still keeping an open-plan layout in which we can work together.”

Collegiality even during their free time – Fionn shares a love of rock music with colleagues

“I like to start work early,” says Fionn, who applied to Hamilton while he was still a student. He takes care of routine tasks in the morning, and often heads to the laboratory in the afternoon. At lunch, the qualified biotechnologist meets the team in the canteen. Since he lives in Sargans, the return journey is a bit of a commute. “But I like it,” says the Graubünden native. “For me, it’s a good transition from my private to professional life.” One evening per week, he stops in Chur, where he has rented a rehearsal room together with colleagues from other teams. “During my early days at Hamilton, I was asked if I would like to be part of the band,” recalls the passionate drummer. “And I like classic rock, so they didn’t have to ask me twice.”


Advancement & development – an important aspect at Hamilton for Qendrim

As a young father, Qendrim is an early riser too. Born in Kosovo, he came to Switzerland with his family over 20 years ago. The qualified dental technician switched to production at Hamilton Bonaduz AG five years ago. “If there’s something you want to achieve, Hamilton will definitely support you. I gradually continued my education, asked for new tasks and was thereby able to make the leap into Research & Development as a V&V specialist,” explains Qendrim. A good example of how you can advance your career in this company through dedication and initiative.


Chantal enjoys the ability to combine work and holiday in one place

“When I applied, I was doing a part-time training course whilst working,” says Chantal, describing her start at the company. Her old employer had insisted that this would only be possible outside of official working hours. At Hamilton Bonaduz AG, she was not only able to continue her training, but also to complete part of it during working hours. What’s more, she did it in a place that the Aargau native had considered just a holiday destination for a long time: “I often went skiing in Flims,” she remembers. “On the way there, I always drove past this huge building, and at some point, I asked what kind of company it was – and then I applied.” She says that her weekends now feel like a “short break without a long journey”.

Everyone agrees on one thing: we look forward to welcoming new colleagues

Many employees at Hamilton Bonaduz AG feel just like Chantal does. It’s not only Anna’s team that appreciates the proximity to nature and the variety. Most people are grateful to be able to work where others take their holidays. They also value working in a modern and innovative environment, and for a company that is constantly growing. It’s not just Anna who is always looking for new employees – the other departments love receiving applications too. So who knows, maybe we’ll see you soon for the mid-morning break!