IT specialists for science

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With INTEGRA Biosciences’ innovative laboratory devices and pipetting systems, scientists around the world are making their work processes in diagnostics, research and quality control more efficient.

And thereby accelerating progress in foundational research. One of the secrets to success? Highly specialised IT professionals who drive the digital transformation of the company, thus ensuring that INTEGRA is optimally equipped for the future.

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An entrepreneurial spirit – growth offers many opportunities

A new 30,000-square-meter, modern INTEGRA campus for 400 employees – the signs at INTEGRA Biosciences’ point to growth, and both the existing employees, as well as new ones, are needed to achieve it. “We want everyone to contribute their ideas and knowledge from day one,” says Philipp, Head of Application IT at INTEGRA. “Therefore, we are looking for employees who are excited to help shape the future of our company in the long term. We look for people who are self-starters and interested in change – professionally, but also personally.” After all, starting at INTEGRA can also mean the opportunity to move to one of the most beautiful cantons in Switzerland.

Team spirit – people working for people

“We drive science forward together” – an important motto at INTEGRA. To be successful, everyone needs to take responsibility and share the company values. “Regardless of whether we’re dealing with current problems or found solutions, these matters are discussed openly in our weekly calls. This allows everyone to benefit from the knowledge of others,” says Michel, IT Application Specialist. “Everyone here has an open ear for their colleagues, both in meetings and over a beer after work.” Team spirit also means that everyone seeks where they can best apply their strengths or expand them with further training supported by the company.

Inspiration – internationality as a foundation for success

“I really enjoy meeting my team and business colleagues in person, and I can do that on my business trips,” says Florian. “I always receive a warm welcome at all locations and get the opportunity to familiarise myself with foreign cultures up close.” Of course, not all employees are on the road as often as the IT System Technician. However, flexibility, freedom and cross-border cooperation are three important pillars that INTEGRA lives by, because internationality promotes innovation and further development. The company employs over 500 staff members around the world, and this number just keeps growing. This also means that not only will the headquarters in Zizers be expanded, but the number of sites will also increase.


Integrity – employees and, above all, their personalities matter

As a company in a growing industry, INTEGRA offers security, not only when it comes to the job itself. It also ensures that people are supported in their personal lives. “I work with an 80% workload at INTEGRA,” says IT specialist Spela about her personal situation. “The part-time role and the opportunity to work from home gives me the flexibility I need to support my family while also concentrating on my career.” At INTEGRA, integrity means respect, solidarity and reliability – the company offers all of this to its employees and naturally expects the same from them.

Passion – from the heart

The IT team is distributed worldwide, but everyone works towards a common goal, and they do so with passion: “For me, INTEGRA perfectly combines local and global,” summarises Philipp, “because I can work for the whole world from my home country.” INTEGRA is a company firmly established on the international market, but it still offers each individual the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and thus actively helps to shape the future of the company.