This is TRUMPF – We asked, employees answered

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The TRUMPF brand represents innovative machine tools and laser technology worldwide.

Among other things, the Swiss site in Grüsch constructs laser cutting machines and marking lasers, with the latter also being developed here. We took a look behind the scenes and explored what fascinates the employees about their work, TRUMPF as a company and the Graubünden region.

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What makes TRUMPF a trump card for you personally?

Lasers have fascinated me since I was a child, so this really is my dream job. I also work in a really cool place – a lot happens underground here in Grüsch. I never expected this when I used to drive past here. The whole working environment is really modern, and we have a lot of innovative equipment at our disposal. When TRUMPF was founded a hundred years ago, they manufactured flexible shafts. We now construct lasers, deal with quantum technology and 3D printing, and are represented all over the world with around 16,000 employees. It’s just so fun.


André Willi, Head of Control and Electronics Development

Working and living in Graubünden – what do you especially like about it?

I like the contrast between nature and technology in close quarters. In Graubünden, you will find some of the most important international developers in the technology sector, which also makes the canton exciting for non-locals. Furthermore, we get to work where others go on holiday. For me, Graubünden offers the perfect combination of relaxation and activity. During my lunch break, at the weekend or after work, I can decide spontaneously whether I want to go for a long walk, head to the mountains with my kids or play a sport. I enjoy this very much, especially as a father.


Claudio Peng, employee in the Control and Electronics Development department

People are the focus at TRUMPF – would you agree?

Definitely. Starting with the clear safety rules to protect oneself and others. We all pull together here, and TRUMPF is a family business. You really notice that everywhere. In times of crisis, for example, the first thing we do is make sure that everyone can keep their jobs. The company also has its own pension fund, as I understand it. I’m still very young, but I know that older colleagues think that’s pretty great, especially when it comes to security in retirement age.


Sandra Dirnberger, trainee in the Control and Electronics Development department

Keyword health – is TRUMPF well set up when it comes to employees?

Of course! We work surrounded by stunning nature. The cross-country ski trail is right on our doorstep, and you can drive to the Grüsch ski area in just a few minutes. Many people cycle to work, especially in summer. Grüsch and the surrounding area are so inviting for sports. I also think our restaurant is fantastic – even external guests think it’s the best staff restaurant in the region. We’ve also got a sports club with its many offerings.


Claudio Peng, employee in the Control and Electronics Development department

How does TRUMPF aid you in staying professionally fit?

Continuing education is definitely a key topic for us. Everyone naturally gets to decide for themselves – if you want to learn more, you’ll find plenty of opportunities here. We have 30-minute online courses and training sessions for specific products. We can register for longer training courses, some of which last one or two weeks. These are often carried out in hybrid form. Even a degree or further professional training are possible, as well. We work together to check how this can be reconciled with our working hours.


André Willi, Head of Control and Electronics Development

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